(2024) Our group with two visiting students from IIT Gandhinagar

(2023) MSc students are visiting the microscope lab after the last class on "Statistical Thermodynamics and Kinetics".

Group Photo 2023: (Front row, from left) Himanshu, Pratibha, Gauri, and Akansha

(Back row, from feft): Arun, Raj, Dibyendu Sasmal, Vikash, and Debasish

(2022) Students from various departments at IITJ after Hands-on training of Raman Microscope. 

(2023) We now have a new lab space. Students are busy organising lab items. 

 (2023, Oct) Lab is ready to use. Exciting!

(2023) Saraswati Puja in the Students' office. 

(2023) After dinner 

(2022) School Students from various schools at IIT Jodhpur visited our lab to see Laser scanning confocal microscope during the event of Open House at IIT Jodhpur.