Single Molecule Spectroscopy Laboratory

Protein Structure-Function-Dynamics in Live Cell

We are interested to understand complex sub-cellular functions and dynamics at single molecular level in real-time. Our approach is highly interdisciplinary combining molecular/cellular biology, physical chemistry and advanced fluorescence imaging. We are specifically trying to understand how immune cells distinguish between self and foreign antigens at single molecule level in real time. The process of immune cells recognition is fast and finally it is translated to a complex cell signalling. Understanding the conformation dynamics of protein molecules at the surface of immune cells is extremely important. We apply various imaging techniques to capture ligand-receptor interaction dynamics on cell surface. In addition to that, we are also interested how ion channel works at molecular level. For that, we develop a new microscopy technique combining electrical measurement and optical measurements. Our current research is focused on three major areas: (1) T cell immunology, (2) Ion channel dynamics and (3) fluorescence correlation spectroscopy.

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Single molecule diffusion of pMHC on glass supported planner lipid bilayer. Tracking paths of single IEk pMHC diffusion on lipid bilayer were shown on right side. 

TCR microcluster diffusion to the center of synapse on lipid bilayer. Track paths of microclusters are shown in RHS.